Global Executive Search

Rural Management Consultants Pvt Ltd, an India based 16 years old entity, is recognised a front runner for senior and top management talent hunt in Agri trading domain.

To us, SnDs mean that of talent. To recommend organization builders to valued clients in Agri commodity trading industry, it is important to keep a track of senior traders, researchers, execution and finance professionals. Within this domain is has been experienced that there are pockets of surplus and deficit talent regions. And it is important to keep track of this equation.

Now that we are at it for 16 years, search process is imbibed well. A cobweb kind of global network is of immense value to undertake reliable reference checks, Assignments are accepted for all parts of the world.

With each search closure, we expect tremendous value add to the client and the candidate where both realise the virtues of peak performance. Each CV is handled with absolute confidentiality. We may be contacted at

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