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The main assets and primary drivers of economic prosperity in the industrial age were machines and capital-things. People were necessary but replaceable.

Functioning-wise we have graduated from Industrial Age to Information/Knowledge Worker age.  However, intrinsically our current manpower management practices still flow from old beliefs –that you have to control and manage people.  Many in positions of authority fail to see and realize the true worth and potential of their people. The lack of understanding also prevents them from tapping into the highest motivations, talents and genius of people.

What happens when you treat people like things? It insults and alienates them, depersonalizes work and creates a low trust culture. Such a workforce, also tend to consent to be controlled like a thing. Even if they perceive a need, they don’t take the initiative to act. They blame the formal leader when things go wrong.

People have choices. Their choice can range from being a hostage in office to obedient to compliant, cooperative, committed and highest rung being excited.  Their level of commitment towards the organization is therefore more a function of the ecosystem an employer offers them.

Our services

We partner with our clients to build systems and processes that lead to happiness among employees and efficiency in the functioning.  Advisory services range from holding visioning workshops, training top management on leadership skills, training employees to unleash their creativity, cultural change workshops, building organization  manuals for retaining fair and firm stand, refining appraisal processes, offering retention strategies etc.

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