Recommend Someone and Earn Rewards

When we read a job advertisement, we know at times who exactly meets those specifications. Recommend him/her to us and you get a fabulous cash reward (as mention below) when she/he joins new job.

CTC   Cash Reward
Upto Rs. 50,000 USD USD 500
Between USD 50,000- USD 2,00,000 USD 1000
More than USD 2,00,000 USD 2000

Jobs For Which Incentive is Available Now:-

Position   Employer
No Records Found


  1. Incentive shall not apply in the following cases :
    • Recommended candidate’s resume is already available with us. We shall inform you within a week of receiving your recommendation.
    • Recommended candidate has had any correspondence with us prior to recommendation.
    • Recommended person does not join once the offer is rolled out
  2. Recommendation to the client is subject to short listing of the candidate by us.
  3. In case the recommended person leaves the job within three months of joining, payment made shall have to be returned.
  4. Final decision to effect payment rests with the management.
  5. Incentive is applicable , only if, the recommended person joins the position for which he has been reffered and not any other position.
  6. Full information needs to be submitted to become eligible for Cash Rewards.

Mode of Incentive Payment :NEFT transfer shall be done within 7 days of the payment received by us from our client.

Send your reference:

Mention in the Subject the word Recommendation for the Position for which you are referring someone.

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